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Friends of Terry:

Please know we are continuing to provide the products and service you have come to expect from us as we prioritize the safety and wellbeing of our employees and all our partners. We are a small Vermont company, nimble and resilient, and will continue to react responsibly as new information warrants. 

Each day brings new challenges to navigate and with the exception of a few warehouse personnel, all other employees are working from home. Lisa, who many of you have come to know personally, is answering calls and processing orders from her living room. We are limiting access to our warehouse to our small team who are working staggered shifts so that no more than three people are in the warehouse at any given time. Packages arriving at our warehouse are isolated for three days before we receive them. Note, this may delay the turnaround time for returns by three days.

Our hearts go out to all of you as you confront these same challenges - we know we are all in this new life together making difficult sacrifices. We realize some of you may be restricted from going outdoors, however, we sincerely hope as we gain a firmer grasp on the situation that we can all find ways to get out into the fresh air on our bikes. There is nothing like a bike ride, even for just a few minutes in the early days of Spring, to ease the mind and re-energize the spirits. We know that cycling, especially in the worst of times, is good for both body and soul.

Allez! And be well.
Liz Robert, CEO‚Äč
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